Come dance with the greatest evil.

War has no victors, only victims. In the wake of Khorvaire’s last Great War, a group of war scattered refugees seek to build a life in the shaken remains of the continent’s greatest city, Sharn, City of Towers.

In the face of hostile Brelish officials, a distrustful city watch, and Dragonmarked Houses apparently bent on starting the next Great War, the refugees struggle and endure, because the dangers that lurk outside the city walls… you can’t see those coming.

But there is light in the darkness. The Oriffin Agency promises to shed some light on the dangers you can’t see coming, and they’ll do it for a quite reasonable price. An upstart group of inquisitives are ready to find that information you’re looking for, that relative gone missing, or that bauble you’ve misplaced. Sometimes they’ll even find you that bauble that someone else misplaced, and you happened to have your eye on…

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The Macabre Waltz

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