The Macabre Waltz


Excerpts from the diary of usill ironbrand

Tir the 14th day of of Sypheros, 998YK

Tha city seems joost as strange noo as eva’, magikal dunjuns, wepons tha’ spit eliktrizity, Telepoortashun. Tha warforged

haz nay been tha same since he waz layed low, I think tha new parts haff effected em in soom way. Ive recently learned tha
Niavara is no joost soom regular elf, but insteed is soom kinda “magic elf”. all I noo is tha her magik is more powerful then

Contact wit soom bird pepole today, kenkoo I think it was. kidnappin some chilledren, aganst me wishes we folla’ed em doon to
there layer. goblins feared us and kept there distance, we came to there wherehouse and engaged in moral coombat. At tha end
we saved many o’ the wee ones and slawtered tha bird people tha were resonsiball for tha kidnappin.



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