The Macabre Waltz



Wated all day for the term Bronn sent but nobody showd. Wudnt mind normly but I dont no wen that weesly stinking corpse eater will run for it agin. The Brothers Dunn showd up today smelling like week old bugbear asks and their skin burnd blacker than a drow’s hart. Dint talk to em, they were edgeer than even they normally are. They were gon neerly a yeer in the dark, that much time in ther changes anywon.


Met the merks at the Matchetee tonite. Theyr funny tho, qweer like. The tinkerer seems alright, feels like a watchman, or a footman. The halflings the city sort, probably some gutter trash upjumped to pickpocket but hes cheerful enuf. They’ve got a iron dog along that seems abit wild.

Where to start with the elf, the witch’s eyes swirl and her voice tickles like falling glass or something, if I’m being honest she terrifies me.

Bronn told them were looking for some Karrnathi fugitive, we’ll see how long I can keep that lie up.
We set out tomorow. I won’t come back until we find him.


Its done. Hes ded and so is his hole cursed tribe. We lost the dog, sliced to ribbons by the filths creashuns, an axeptabul cazwaltee. I told them the truth when we arrived at the manor. I couldn’t bare to take men into a fight who had no idea wat they were going into.
The drow had built an impressive compound deep in the jungle, filled with all manner of wizardry. Traps and misterees everyware! We located a key to his lare and found him in it performing some foul craft on an isenhund. I almost felt bad for the construct. He had nowhere to run and it was finaly done, his black heart skeward on the same blade I took from his foul bitch lieutenant.

His final trap was sprung then! His gools shambled into the chamber and we couldn’t have fought our way out. Falcon saved all of us, finding the trap door when he did. The prisoners we released were going to get us all killed. I did what had to be done when I killed the two blocking the entrance. Better they die quickly than we all die slowly, eaten alive by those creatures.



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