The Macabre Waltz

Tell me you want, what you really really want.

wish list.


Like most dwarves, Usill has an inherent distrust of arcane magic. He would never knowing use such items, however he perceives magic weapons and armor as just being “finely crafted”, by dwarves most likely or perhaps a fluke from the elves or another delicate race.

That being said, I’d like +1 heavy shield, +1 plate armor or a nice +1 axe. EDIT: + anything really.

And a football, some legos and a red ryder BB gun.


Catstep Boots
Amulet of Health
Rope of Climbing
Flaming Repeating Crossbow


Duelist’s Weapon +1
Sylvan Armor +1
Bracer’s of Mighty Striking
Acrobat Boots
Burglar’s Gloves
Amulet of Protection


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