The Macabre Waltz

The Case Continues

Geroldt’s Notes

It’s been a few days and from what I hear Lyanna is awake, so I think it’s time to try and get some answers from her. She tells us that she was investigating these bombings but something wasn’t adding up. Then all of sudden her company gets wind of her “moonlighting” cans her. Now she keeps digging into the matter and it seems someone doesn’t like that so tries to get her bumped off, lucky for her she found our doorstep first. She tells us she has a meeting with an informant in a couple of day, looks like this might lead to some more answers, since she’s all banged up we will be taking her place.

We got a few days to kill, so I’m going to see what I can’t find out about some of these other leads. I’m sure Jorik might be able to dig up something on this Lord Aramoff guy for me.

Turns out meeting an informant from the Emerald Claw is just about as dangerous as it sounds. We headed down to Fallen where the meeting was supposed to take place. Not a place I much like to hang around, mostly tramps and addicts down there. We make it to site when a big troop from the Daask shows up with orders to bring our heads back minus our bodies. Lucky for us our informant was keeping an eye on things and was able to help us dispatch those thugs. She goes by the name Ireen and seems to be someone of some importance to the EC. We take her to Lyanna and as it turns out, there is someone else pulling the strings forcing the EC to do their bidding. If these people have this kind of power, I think we really are in over our heads.

Jorik came up empty with his search for Lord Aramoff, I should have know, Jorik never was a whole lot of use. Seems Usill has had some better lucky though, and has got us the location of this maze where these malefactors meet. Ireen is gonna be coming with us on this one, not sure if its for revenge or protection, but I couldn’t care much, might just need another sword for this one.

Got into a bit of trouble in that so called “maze”, that place is hell on my head, nothing in there seems to make sense, used a lot of strange artifacts to try and keep us out, weird stuff that I can say I ain’t familiar with. We made it through but seems we got there just too late. Saw some stranger put an end to Salith, guess he wasn’t pulling his weight. Looking at the room all I can figure is this is some sort of teleportation room these people use to travel, and it looks like they have strings all over.


Fucking. Sweet.

The Case Continues

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