The Macabre Waltz


Excerpts from the diary of usill ironbrand

Zor, the 9th day of Sypheros, 998YK

Everythin aboot this city is ether confusin or doonrite terrifin, Ungodly magiks seem ta be forgemark o this place; Flyin sleds, unnaytural lites, cretures that wood be killed on site are allowed to rome free! I did hooever see tha most wondurus place, Tha temple o Onatar. I’ve no seen anythin like it bafore! Gold, cut gems tha size o me hand, magnanmus displays o wealth an’ fine wheres!
Truly tha lite o Onatar shines on tha place! I met tha high priest, a wise an’ nobil dwarf, I think I may haff empresed em wit prowless.

I fill a bit moor coomfortible wit me companions noo then bafore, but I cannah say tha I troost em. I’ve goot a strange feelin aboot tha elf girl, tha power she weelds is empresive! I’ll be a keepin a clooser eye on her noo. Tha flaco lad seems a capible yoong dodger, saved me hock once alreedy, O’coorse I’ve doon tha same for em so were even. Geralt looks as he’s abandaned hez clerical ways for soomethin more mikanical like, a ardyfixer I think it was, tha change seems to soot em, hez barley spiled a lick o blood sense then.



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