The aging, but still vital elven foreman of the Oriffin Agency


Carric has ginger red hair that he keeps cut close to the scalp, emerald-ringed hazel eyes, and his skin is a dusky olive color from long exposure to the dragon above.

He has a long jagged scar that runs from his chest up his neck that he tends to keep hidden with high necked tunics.

Carric exudes an aura of confidence and capability, which is occasionally at odds with his predeliction with exotic females, which often comes off as lecherous.

He wears soft, supple, ash colored leather armor over a black tunic and black pants. His midnight black cloak is fringed with crimson and orange flame; it was earned during his service as a scout for the Brelish army.

Carric’s voice is confident but soft, with the lilting tones common to elves.


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