Graeneth ir'Wyn

A phlegmatic dwarven priest of the Host


Thigh length (for a dwarf) auburn hair in a traditional dwarven braid
Calm, languid blue eyes, with a stiff overhanging brow
Pale skin with a host of freckles on the cheeks, chin and neck
His hands are ragged, and criss-crossed with long scars and burned flesh

He is a minor functionary at the Temple of Onatar in The Korranath district of Sharn, but due to a long service with the Brelish military as a courier, he has maintained a diverse collection of contacts across the city & Khorvaire at large.

He serves as a greeter at the great Dwarven temple and his duties are light. The temple leaders count on his connections to keep them abreast of developments that might interest the Host.

Graeneth ir'Wyn

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