Tavick's Landing

Tavick’s Landing, at the eastern edge of the city, is in some ways defined by being the terminus of the Orien lightning rail line and trade road. The lower levels cater to travelers and traders entering Sharn by rail, and they include an entire district that has been converted to provide housing for refugees from the Last War. The middle and upper levels are broader in their purposes and include a variety of trades, services, and residential districts.

For most travelers, Tavick’s Landing is the gateway into Sharn. The Orien lightning rail station at Terminus brings in hundreds of people each day, and many more arrive by way of the Old Road at Wroann’s Gate. IN many ways, Tavick’s Landing is the most eclectic quarter of Sharn, blending residential districts with commercial and entertainment distrcits that cater to the traders, travelers, and toursists who pass through the city.

- Lower Tavick’s Landing -

Black Arch (Garrison)
Cogsgate (Warehouse District) | Houses – Deneith, Kundarak
Dragoneyes (Red Light District)
| The Little Wonder (halfling brothel), Velvet’s (brothel), The Shifting Hall (shifter longhouse), Chance (casino), Snaggletooth’s (tavern)
Foundation (Apartment Townhomes)
High Walls (Refugee Slum)
Terminus (Caravan District)
Wroann’s Gate (Caravan District)

- Middle Tavick’s Landing -

Cornerstone (Tavern District) | The Cornerstone, Tooth & Nail
Dancing Shadows (Inn District)
Deathsgate (Adventurer’s Quarter)
| Houses – Jorasco, Deneith, Sivis – Deathsgate Guild, Karr’Aashta’s Investigations, The Guild of Starlight & Shadow, Redblade’s (tavern), Ancient Blades (Soldier retirement home), Dark Words (scroll shop), Bottled Silver (tavern), Maynar’s Menagerie (general store), The Labyrinth (tavern)
Graywall (Average Residential, Karnn) | The Bloody Mug
Kenton (Apartment Townhomes)
Little Barrington (Average Residential)
Tavick’s Market (Marketplace)

- Upper Tavick’s Landing -

Copper Arch (Professionals) | Magical Pigments, Transmutation, House Deneith
Dalan’s Refuge (Wealthy Residential)
Ocean View (Wealthy Residential)
Pinnacle (Temple District)
Silvergate (Fine Shops)
Sunrise (Average Residential)
Twelve Pillars (Professionals) | Twelve Pillars Courthouse

- Notable Locations -

Oriffin Agency Home Office

The Oriffin Agency’s home office was founded in Dragoneyes after Lars Oriffin’s first “case” in Sharn was resolved by freeing a pair of prostitute twins from an illegal elf sex-trafficking ring. The Agency has been there ever since.

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Tavick's Landing

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