The Oriffin Agency

Founded by Lars Oriffin, a retired Cyran Battlemage in 980 YK, The Oriffin Agency is a loose gathering of outcast talents who are committed to providing useful services to people who need help and haven’t been able to find it elsewhere.

Nominally they are a group of inquisitives, but in reality they will perform any job that comes their way, as long as it meets at least two prerequisites: 1. It pays. It doesn’t have to be lucrative, but the Agency doesn’t work for free. 2. It won’t get the Agency in trouble that it can’t get out of.

The second point is sort of floaty, the Agency has gotten into trouble with the Watch, House Cannith, The Crown, House Lyrandar, The Silver Flame, Most of Tavick’s Landing, Maren Savick (a 103 year old upright citizen in the Stoneyard district of Lower Northedge).

But they’ve never been more than a minor irritant to any of those groups, and the proper bribes, apologies, and beatings have all worked to keep the Agency’s profile low and members protected.

Current Members include:

Lars Oriffin: Owner/Inquisitive

Lars is a sturdy, handsome human in his twilight years. Though silver and grey shoots through his hair and wrinkles guard is eyes and mouth, he is still vibrant and active and takes an occasional interest in the operation of his agency, when he’s not hunting down ancient cyclopean artifacts from Xen’Drik. A talented war wizard in his youth, upon his retiring from the Cyran military, he settled in Sharn with his two wives and created an organization to help those who couldn’t find help elsewhere.

Carric: Foreman/Inquisitive

Carric is a fair skinned, seemingly ageless elf. Passionate and fiery, the aging dervish fought at the owner’s side through every campaign of the Valenar Annexation, despite fighting his own kin. Now he runs the everyday operations of the Agency, deciding which jobs the Agency will take, organizing its staff, and trying to put out fires that its agents start. Still a formidable combatant, Carric often longs to get out from behind a desk and pen and bring justice to those who harm the innocent.

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