The Sharn Inquisitive

The Sharn Inquisitive is a regular news publication produced in Sharn, though it doesn’t enjoy the quality reputation of the Korranberg Chronicle. It is printed once per week on Sul. The broadsheet must be purchased as a yearly subscription at a cost of 3 gp; it is not available for sale as individual editions.

The Brelish have a special love of gossip, which is why the Sharn Inquisitive has such a strong readership throughout Breland, but usually fares poorly beyond the Brelish borders, where it is seen as light and inconsequential.

Quotes from the anonymous street bard known as “Beggar Dane” are one of the popular parts of the Inquisitive.

Notable characters associated with the Inquisitive:

Lyanna Tal
Saleth ir’Den (Deceased)

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The Sharn Inquisitive

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