Items of Note from The Waltz


Lightning Maul – Wielded by a warboss named Goldtoof, this tremendous hammer is functional and spartan. A competent oak handle with a sturdy steel head crackles and pops with barely contained lightning. It was probably stolen, and inscribed on the otherwise non-descript head are the dwarven words “Brugh gannae tonagh – Strike with rythym”

Fartstep Boots – A gift for Falco, left on the Agency doorstep, these boots appear to be a cat burgler’s best friend, but have a scatological bent. Whenever the user falls more than 10 feet and activates the boots safety features, upon landing, the boots emit a ripping fart.

Taerun Rod – Carric dug deep in the Agency’s item stores and found this simple and elegant elvish rod which functions as an efficient channel for fey power.


Items of Note from The Waltz

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